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Everything You Need To Know About Fatwood

Posted by Chambers McClay on

Everything You Need To Know About Fatwood

Everything You Need To Know About Fatwood

Fatwood is a type of wood obtained from pine trees and its primary use is to light a fire. Now, you can light a fire with any type of wood but it would require a lot of effort. However, with fatwood, you can light up a fire real quick and thus; it is a very popular camping requisite. Even if the weather conditions are adverse, if you have fatwood with you, lighting a fire will become very easy. So, if you want to know more about it, read on.

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What is Fatwood?

Fatwood is also known by a variety of other names some of which are pine knot, lighter wood, heart pine, and lighter knot. To be precise, fatwood is made from a pine tree. But, it is not made from a living pine tree rather it is made from a dead pine tree, and to be more precise, from its resinous remains. When a pine tree dies, the cell sap settles and seeps into its heartwood. As the days pass by and the tree starts to rot, the sap condenses more and more and turn into a hardened form in the heartwood. This is known as fatwood. The reason behind the inflammable character of fatwood is the terpene content of the resin. Terpene, being one of the major components present in turpentine, is highly flammable.

How to use Fatwood?

Fatwoods come of great use whenever and wherever you have to light a fire. Some of their most common uses are discussed in detail below –

  • Suppose you have gone camping and you need to put up a fire. Instead of wandering in the woods in search of firewood, you can carry fatwood with you which will help you light up a fire instantly. All you need is to set them up in a criss-cross position and light them up.

  • Another of the major uses of fatwood is acting as a fire starter in wood or pellet stoves.

  • If you are planning a barbeque on your camping trip or simply in your backyard, use fatwood for lighting a fire during grilling. This will ensure that no chemical seeps into the grilled food as fatwood is 100% natural.

Where does Fatwood come from?

Every type of fatwood comes from forests itself, especially where pine trees have already been logged or a large number of pine trees died due to a fire or other natural calamity. Pine trees from which fatwood are collected usually have pellets or streaks of condensed sap on their stumps. You also have to ensure that the pine tree has been dead for a while and this can be confirmed if the stump comes out easily from the ground with just a single pull. But, if you want to buy fatwood, you can simply get them on online portals like Amazon.

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Fatwood can serve as the best quality wood for all burning purposes. Their main advantage over any other type of wood is that all you need is a spark to light them up.